Selection Method

  Confirm the application location and type of equipment

Confirm application location of your equipment or system, such as medical institutions, laboratory, home healthcare, or mobile/portable device. Depending on the application location and system installation method, you may choose the appropriate type of medical power supply. Ex. built-in enclosed type, PCB screw mount, PCB board mount, or external power adaptor.

  If the medical equipment installation is Class I or Class II

Confirm if your medical equipment will need to be connected to earth ground (Class I / with FG) or does not need to be connected to earth ground (Class II / without FG).

  Confirm the voltage and current required by your medical system

Check the driving voltage and current required by the equipment. This will allow you to choose the power supply with the appropriate voltage, current, and wattage ratings.

 Confirm important specifications required by the end system

Confirm isolation level (MOPP or MOOP), acceptable leakage current, and EMC performance requirements (Class A or Class B).
You may use the“ Quick search” function to quickly filter out power supply specifications and view the datasheet for more details.

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